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# Tuesday, June 15, 2010
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These are a few of the websites using the Scriptcalendar. The canadian wheat board uses the calendar to keep grain farmers up to date on current events. Payments, contract expiry, holidays and shipping weeks are a few of the events in the calendar. The filter functions are used so that visitors can choose different categories of events to view.

The .alaskatourjobs.com website uses the calendar to advertise job openings and recruiting events. The calendar blends perfectly with the layout of the website, creating a natural flow.

"I sure am glad I ran across your web-site!... Your calendar is EXACTLY what I've been looking for, and finally I've located it. Very much appreciated."
Reid Arendt
"I love the calendar. I love the way it looks on your website. I love being able to edit events on specific dates. Everything I read on your website leads me to believe this is the product I am looking for on my website!..."
Curt Preisser
"Excellent functionality and cross-browser support right out of the box! We have a very complicated calendaring application, and were able to customize the functionality easily. Furthermore, technical support was excellent"
Marshall T. Rose

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javascript calendar

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